Saturday, January 12, 2008


Hi All!

Happy New Year! I wish everyone a great new year! I will be running all over the US the next few weeks...from New York to New Orleans...Baltimore to Minneapolis! Calendar list below.

I am really excited about an intensive performance workshop residency I am doing at the University of Minnesota Feb 3-15. I will be leading a multi-week project called Theatre for Social Change which will result in an ensemble performance with the students. The heat of the fierce work I have experienced with the students there in earlier gigs will more than make up for chilly February in Minnesota! I'll scurry to Milwaukee right after to perform February 16 at Milwaukee Gay Arts Center.

I will be back in DC performing my show "Us" Feb 29-March 2 at Dance Place.
I am very excited to be back at the fabulous Carla Perlo's Dance Place. I will also be performing "Us" at Baltimore Theatre Project March 15-16 after a performance residency at Towson University March 4-11.

"Us" got nominated in 2005 for a NY Drama Desk Award for best solo on or off Broadway. This show is also in my book 1001 BEDS which won the 2007 literary prize for best Drama-Theater book from Lambda Literary Foundation!! Here's a juicy NY Times quote...

"As a rallying cry for gay rights, Tim Miller's "Us'' contains a sweet-spirited, honest and seriously funny commentary on the power of popular art to shape people's moral, social and sexual development. Miller is, as always, a frisky and charismatic performer"

Also a fabulous review of "Us" from The San Francisco Chronicle

In between all that I head off to NYC to perform at Long Island University in Brooklyn March 13 at 3pm and later that night my partner Alistair McCartney will have the launch for his novel in NYC at Rapture on Ave A. Alistair and I are very excited about his book coming out Here's the cover and blurbs for Alistair's book THE END OF THE WORLD BOOK
Then off to Ohio for gigs at Ohio Wesleyan and then in Cleveland and at long last home!

I kick off the New Year this week performing at Highways Performance Space Jan 14. I am honored to be the opening act for my dear pal Jeff McMahon's wonderful performance FAILURE TO THRIVE (we small hours)
Jeff and I have been dear friends since we were 14 years old; we even went to the same church! What may be more surprising to you is that I went to church as a kid!

Here's the lay of the land...

Jan 13 Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica
Feb 3-15 University of Minnesota
Feb 16 Milwaukee Gay Arts Center
Feb 29 - Mar 2 Washington, D.C. Dance Place
Mar 4-11 Baltimore, MD Towson University,
Mar 13 NYC, Rapture
Mar 13-14 NYC, Long Island University
Mar 15-16 Baltimore Theatre Project
Mar 18-19 Ohio Wesleyan University
March 20-21 Cleveland, C- Space & Suspect Thoughts Books
and a special spring coming attraction....
May 8-11 New Orleans, Saints & Sinners Literary Festival

I will be performing "Us" as part of the festival. I was just in New Orleans last month for the National Performance Network meeting. It was my first time back to NoLa since my performances there shortly before Katrina. I drove with my friend Scotty Heron and some other folks to the Katrina wreckage on sunday . So intense. So much loss of windows and relics and love letters and roofs and beds. Brad Pitt- bless his heart and cheekbones- is spearheading this great renewal effort. There are all those big 3-dimensional pink imagined future houses in that area which was very powerful, They mark where a new community will be. "LIke Christo except with meaning" I catily opined.I stripped to my underwear and dipped into lake Ponchitrain (!!!) with some people. Somehow I needed to connect to the water that did this damage,. I kept my head above water- didn't want that nasty Lake Ponchitrain water in ears, nose or mouth- but the metaphor was not lost on me of this cruical thing- HEAD ABOVE WATER. That line at the neck, like that water line on so many of the houses in the 9th ward.
Those pink houses are the hopeful sign for me for the new year.

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