Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Happy New Year! It's a very busy Winter-Spring 2007 ahead that will take me from performing at the Obscenity Conference at University of Iowa to the NYC run at PS 122 of 1001 BEDS to England for a gay men's performance project on the Birmingham Canals! Yeehaw!
An intensive performance workshop residency begins next week at Cal State Channel Islands (the brand new Cal State campus)
Next month I am at Cincinnati Playhouse to kick off their wonderful ALTERACTIVE Festival.
Then I'm at Appalachian State University in NC and in Phoenix and Tucson at Arizona State Iniversity and U of Arizona. I head back to Iowa City to perform at an amazing conference at University of Iowa on OBSCENITY gathers academics, civil liberties folks and artists. This will be really interesting to me! I head directly from Iowa City to Ft Lauderdale for ART EXPLOSION.
In March I will be performing 1001 BEDS in New York at PS 122. We will be creating a "hotel room" installation in a gallery that the audience will occupy as they lounge on couches and the bed while I perform right in their laps! I will have to watch that the PS 122 audience doesn't raid the mini-bar!
As an early Spring coming attraction, in May I will be in Birmingham UK directing a canal boat performance project for the Fierce Festival created with a group of gay men. This queer performance project exploring the canals as a site of queer memory-eros-connection gets more exciting to me every day. I am obsessed with canals. But then I live in Venice, California!
I just had a great first gig of the new year. Performed in Santa Ana . Kicked off the year in Orange County, CA at Rude Guerrilla theatre! Great piece in OC Weekly. Lovely packed shows. Nice way to start the year!

Here's the month by month schedule for winter.
Jan 5-6 Santa Ana, CA Rude Guerilla Theater
Jan 29-Feb 3 California State University, Channel Islands
Feb 5-7 Phoenix, Arizona State University
Feb 8 Tucson, University of Arizona
Feb 9 UC Riverside
Feb 16-17 Appalachian State University, Boone, NC
Feb 19 Cincinnati Playhouse
March 1-3 Obscenity Conference, Univ. of Iowa
March 4 Art Explosion, Fort Lauderdale FL
March 7 Yale University
March 8-18 NYC, PS 122

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish everyone a great new year of fierce performances, charged engagement and juicy transformation! best, Tim Miller
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