Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Great news on the election! Yippee! The end of these nightmare six years is finally here. I have been in Minnesota and Iowa the last two weeks. I had a rehearsal with my group on election night at the University of Iowa and then went to the Johnson County Democratic Party election night event at the fancy Vitro hotel here in Iowa City. Was quite joyous. An Iowa political science college professor Dave Loebsack -who ran against a 30 year GOP incumbent in the US House and beat him- came in at end of evening and the place went wild. One of those democrats who took back the house. Very Mr Smith Goes to Washington! A special night all around! All this and Arizona became the first state to defeat a ban on gay marriage! Yay ARIZONA!(My grandfather was an Arizona homesteader, so this really tickles me.) Here's a great piece about my residency from the Daily Iowan.
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