Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tim Miller End o' Summer News and Fall Highlights!

I hope everyone is having a great end of summer which in California still has lots of mileage/beach/BBQ's in it! I am looking forward to hitting the road Sept 15 with my annual performance workshop residency in Dallas at SMU's theatre program.
This Fall I will be running around with my new show 1001 BEDS as well as my performances US and GLORY BOX in the touring repertory. (I do all three full-evening pieces in a two week span in three different cities! That will be a good brain cell check!)
In addition to SMU (Sept 15-17), I will be doing four other intensive University Residencies this Fall at Kutztown University Sept (18-24) in PA, at University of Iowa, (Oct 27-29) University of Minnesota (Nov 2-4) and at UNC Chapel Hill (Oct 8-15)!
Also performances & residencies coming up this year at Cincinnati Playhouse, CSPS in Cedar Rapids, the TRANS Festival at Univ of Wisconsin, Duke University, Hamilton College, Vortex Theatre in Austin, Rude Guerrilla Theater in CA and many more. The vibe has been very good on 1001 BEDS my new performance and book! I was very busy this Spring with runs LA, SF , Chicago, Winston-Salem, San Diego and just now in New Jersey. Here's some juicy review qoutes on the show from the daily papers. Have a great summer and beginning of Fall season and I hope to see you in 06-07!

Miller's technique — a frisky, half-lidded fidget on high alert to audience energies — gives way to flashes of poetic stillness that demonstrate how gracefully Miller has matured without losing either his inquisitive ardor or wicked humor.An almost shamanic spirit emerges when least expected, with striking immediacy.Think casual seduction concealing urgent consciousness-raiser, and you have the measure of "1001 Beds" and the nonpareil explorer of self and spirit who recounts them with such potent assurance.
Miller's performance style in 1001 BEDS, which manages to synthesize incantatory segments with looser sections that feel almost improvisational, lends itself well to tracing the ups and downs of someone whose life and loves have often been shoved into the margins of society -- and have also provided the key to his art. His travels for justice, art and personal revelation have led Miller into a lot of strange beds, but like most of us, what he wants most is one safe haven to share with one other simpatico soul.
Miller's wily wordplay uses the metaphor of the bed as the stage for the beginning and end of life, and the site of the most important human experience in between -- love. Miller brought to even his angriest screeds that benign, self-mocking humor that has helped him survive across three contentious decades with his social activism intact. The writing itself is thoroughly engaging; this Whittier-born artist, and his vision of a more humbly democratic and gay-friendly U.S., remains as compelling as ever.
My new book of essays & performances 1001 BEDS!
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