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This film "My Skin is a Map" was a joyous collaboration between filmaker Venus de Mars
(AKA Steve Grandell) and Tim Miller. Working with performer Domonick Wegesin
during a very romantic connection in Minneapolis Tim and Domonick conspired with Venus to fulfill a commission from KTCA TV in Minneapolis. The tasteful, yet naughty, homoerotics of the film freaked the PBS station out and it was never shown. But the memory and heat of a beautiful May in Minneapolis lives on.


Hi Folks!

Hope you all have had a good summer! I have been swimming in the Pacific Ocean as much as possible to prepare body and soul for my crazy Fall Tour! This summer I started a fantastic ongoing residency in Chicago at Links Hall as part of a National Performance Network Communty Grant! More on this great project below.

I am very excited about the wild touring and teaching I will be doing September to December! It's time to get back to work, hitch up my saddle bags and hit the road for Illinois and Missouri and Massachusetts and Texas and heaps of other states! Not to mention many California gigs at Cal State Chico! Cal State San Marcos! San Francisco! There is a California ballot initiative Proposition 8 to fight before November 4. Prop 8 would overturn California's new marriage equality access for Lesbian and Gay Californians. Much work to do!

A first visit to Wheaton College in Massachusetts kicks off the Fall. I am very excited about my first residency at University of Missouri where many of my close theater & performance studies pals hail from. I always love performing in the "Show Me State"! My annual performance wrokshop intensive at SMU will be hooked up with a first performance at Texas Tech in Lubbock! Frequent stops in Chicago all Fall and then shows all over California around election time.

Here's an essay just out I wrote for THE ADVOCATE (the main gay magazine in the U.S.)
It is my fantasy commencement address to the artists I have worked with last year at my performance workshop residencies at Colleges/Universities all over the US. Quite fun and a tribute to the amazing students I encounter on my travels around the country teaching and performing.

More to be still pinned down (I am keeping my fingers crossed for Oklahoma!) Here's the schedule as it stands now. THERE ARE A COUPLE OF SPOTS ON MY DANCE CARD STILL FREE!

Sept 7-14 Wheaton College, MA
Sept 15-21 University of Missouri
Oct 2-3 Lubbock, TX Texas Tech Univ
Oct 4-5 Dallas, Southern Methodist University
Oct 10 Chicago, De Paul Univ
Oct 13 Chicago, Links Hall, with Alistair McCartney
Oct 17 S.F. Queer Bodies Conference
Oct 27-30 Cal State University, Chico
Nov 10-14 Cal State University, San Marcos
Nov 21-22 Links Hall, Chicago
Dec 11-15 National Performance Network

The first chunk of my CHARGED BODIES performance residency in Chicago at Links Hall was great. Did shows of "Us" and made a piece with an amazing group of 16 performers as part of a National Performance Network Community Fund grant. The group performance project CHARGED BODIES was pretty amazing...wild performances of gender and desire and family. It was a great way to kick off this ongoing 4 month chicago-based queer performer mentorship project and is going to be really interesting. This is the biggest project I have ever done in Chicago. It all builds toward me and the three performers I am working with premiereing new work in Nov at Links Hall. Should be a blast.

Hope everyone is well!


Blogger Mahina said...

Excited to see you at Links Hall! There are a few closeted performers out and about. Glad you a making the effort to teach and encourage movement, thanks!
Yeah, Prop 8 went through but Connecticut lesbians tied the knot. Look forward to seeing you soon. -Mahina C.

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