Sunday, April 22, 2007


Lots is happening this Spring! My new book 1001 BEDS has been nominated as the Best Book in the Drama category from the Lambda Literary Foundation, the big queer literary awards in the US. The awards will be announced May 31 in NYC. I was also very happy 1001 BEDS just got the best solo award from Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle in SF!

I had a really wonderful run in NYC at PS 122 with 1001 BEDS. Lovely press in New York Times and Village Voice and two weeks of full houses. Photo from PS 122 performance is above! Look at my little bed-stage!
From NEW YORK TIMES review of 1001 BEDS on March 13, 2007.... "As a performer, Miller is a real pro, a savvy craftsman who knows the shape of a classic narrative ....It’s a hopeful show, and you are left with the impression that Mr. Miller is an eternal optimist, happy with his life and his mission to continue doing enlightened performance art. He has plenty more beds to sleep in, and he’s looking forward to every one." NEW YORK TIMES

I'll head off to England in May and June! I will be doing my new show 1001 Beds in London the Drill Hall June 9-17. performance ends up with a long story about a very important bed in my life in London. Bed 241 at the Adelphi Hotel in South Kensington, London where my partner Alistair and I first decamped to when we met in 1994!
If you are around London come by or send pals to the fabulous Drill Hall!

When I first get to England I will be directing a workshop performance project in Birmingham UK for the amazing Fierce Festival. I will be making a queer men's site specific piece on the canals. for the canals. I am obsessed with canals (I live in Venice, California after all!) They are a prime queered space in Birmingham and they are the most extensive canal system on earth. The Birmingham project is especially exciting. I will be devising a queer men's project on the canals of Birmingham as a historically charged psychic space of community and erotics. Take a journey down under along the canal! This site specific ensemble performance will explore in real time and space the queer psychic and sexual flow of the canals of Birmingham. Embarking from the Brindley Place canal boat dock, CANAL ZONE will chart the ways queer life is inscribed along the wet paths of Birmingham’s canals. Miller, who directed earlier gay men’s performance projects for FIERCE SUCK, SPIT, CHEW, SWALLOW and LIE BACK AND THINK OF BIRMINGHAM will invite the witnesses for his unique promenade performance to consider the movement and exchange of bodies, goods and fluids along the paths and wet ways of the canals. The site specific promenade performance will take place on June 3 at 7PM.

I fly home from London to LA for five minutes after the run at the Drill hall June 9-17 and zap right back to Philadelphia for the Gay & Lesbian Theater Festival where I will be performing my show "Us" June 24-25.

Hope to see you in London, Birmingham or Philly!

cheers, Tim

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