Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I was swimming in the ocean this afternoon here in Venice Beach and I was thinking about the many bodies of water I have leapt into and how much that leap means to me! I came home and saw this photograph of me at fourteen years old on the water polo team at Lowell High School in La Habra , California. How small I look and how impossibly wet I must be yet have managed to keep my big hair dry for the foto! I must have slipped my little body in my Speedo into the shallow end and taken my place in front of my friend Marco Schindelmann. Tomorrow when I go to San Diego to perform, I may well stop on the way south and hike down to Black's Beach, my favorite queer nude beach in the world, and let that water slip over my body. Not even my Speedo-at-age-fourteen coming between my skin and my water.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

1001 BEDS in CHICAGO & L.A.

I have been traveling for weeks.The new show and book 1001 BEDS going great. I had a total blast in Chicago, S.F and L.A. Though I was very busy. Chicago was especially juicy. Teaching at Roosevelt University every day. Doing bookstore stuff two nites. My three performances at Bailiwck Repertory. And a really amazing experience performing and speaking at the Illinois Math & Science Academy, a public boarding school for smart high school kids. Was very inspiring to see how receptive they were to my work, politics, naughtiness! It gave me tons of hope for the future. I just finished a fabulous two week run in L.A. at Highways Performance Space. There's a fabulous BIG feature interview on 1001 BEDS in LA City Beat
Also lovely review in LA Times. Here's link and also below.,0,3981344.story?coll=cl-stage-utility-right

May 19, 2006
Los Angeles Times
'1001 Beds'A flash of the artist within at Highways Performance Space

By David C. Nichols, Special to The Times

Perhaps the most provocative thing about the layers of reflection that make up "1001 Beds" at Highways is how benign they initially appear. Die-hard skeptics who view performance artist Tim Miller as the gay bane of all existence will be as unprepared as longtime fans who expect naked revelations. This impeccably calibrated trip across the bedrock bedrooms of Miller's career may be his most quietly subversive work.

Prurient viewers should be aware that author-performer Miller remains clothed — "1001 Beds," which derives from a new collection of scripts, diary entries, essays and interviews, values content over display. The barebones presentation and saturated lighting are exactly enough frame for Miller's self-as-canvas. His technique — a frisky, half-lidded fidget on high alert to audience energies — gives way to flashes of poetic stillness that demonstrate how gracefully Miller has matured without losing either his inquisitive ardor or wicked humor.

That adult inner landscape, from which Miller's ongoing work-in-progress (or life-in-progress) resonates, is paramount to "1001 Beds." An almost shamanic spirit emerges when least expected, with striking immediacy. Miller's account of meeting partner Alistair McCartney, for example, is as touchingly personal yet universal as anything Miller has ever done, Proustian memory swathed in current meaning.

Think casual seduction concealing urgent consciousness-raiser, and you have the measure of "1001 Beds" and the nonpareil explorer of self and spirit who recounts them with such potent assurance.

"1001 Beds," Highways Gallery and Performance Space, 1651 18th St., Santa Monica. 8:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday. Ends Saturday. Adult audiences. $20. (310) 315-1459. Running time: 1 hour
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